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Product no.: 2012

With mutecase and shoulder straps
detachable bell

420.00 *

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We call it the 'family'! This is, for now, the whole collection fits on many brands.

If you want to know which horn fits click here. Every horn-case has it's own 'personality' - from gentle and beautiful to extrovert and crazy.But they all share the same characteristics: High-class materials and a great love to details. Take your time and look around.

The product is made on order only, so special requests can always be considered.

720.00 *
Product no.: 5555

Detachable bell, space for mute and music stand
color: black.

606.00 *

In stock

Product no.: BKOF7608

Without mutecase, green-grey

280.00 *

In stock

Product no.: BKOF5462

With Mutecase, green-grey,

Delivery date on request !!

300.00 *

In stock

Product no.: BKOF1170


Delivery date on request !!

226.00 *

In stock

Product no.: BKOF1171

Black color

226.00 *

Not in stock

Product no.: 2011
90.00 *

In stock
can be shipped in approx. 2-3 days

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