Mouthpieces and Mouthpiece Pouches for Horn

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Product no.: 4442
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Product no.: 4456

Where the magic begins.

Product no.: 4457

Three-Part System

with interchangeable rim, cup and shank.
This system is most effective for combination.
By varying cups or shafts, various tone and playing qualities can be achieved.
This is very practical when changing to other instruments.
The embouchure is not affected, due to remaining on the same rim.
The cup depth ranges to a maximum of 30 mm; the maximum bore diameter is limited to 4.7 mm.

Product no.: 4493

Two-part system

with interchangeable (detachable) rim and cup.
The two-part system features a fine cost/performance ratio.
The screw-rim allows one to substitute shanks, while

keeping the same rim.

Product no.: 44571

on stock B7 and S7

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Product no.: 4458

mouthpiece pouch of Marcus Bonna

Product no.: 4428

finest leather with zipper
color: black

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Product no.: 4489

mouthpiece pouch for french horn

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