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207 „La Revolución”

Código do produto: 207 „La Revolución”

Bb-Marching Horn Model 207 "La Revolución"

  • 3 Valves
  • Piston Valves
  • Trigger on 3. Valve
  • Light Response
  • Bellsize: Large
  • Bore:12 mm
  • Bell: 200 mm
Possible materials
  • Yellow Brass
The 207 "La Revolución" is not a common marching horn because it is based on a simple Bb horn and is therefore suitable for horn players. The design is perfect for playing while moving. The marching horn can be used in many styles of music, such as folk music, jazz or Latin American music. It is best suited for small ensembles.

"Silent Religion" played beautifully by Hannes Burgstaller on marching horn and Nico Samitz on piano, who also composed the piece.
Nico Samitz took care of the mixing and mastering of the sound recording and Martin Kohlweis took care of the entire video technology.
BlechReiz Brass Quintet

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