Trompa para crianças Sib, Modelo 161

Código do produto: 161

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Trompa para crianças Sib


  • extra small design
  • 3 valves, string action
  • bore: 12 mm
  • bell diameter: 290 mm
  • adjustable finger-hook
  • lacquered
  • incl. gig bag
  • with a set f-slides it can be remodeld to a f-horn

The children horn of Dieter Otto survives several generations of children. The quality standards are the same as in our professional double horns. All horns are made by hand in our factory. As an option we offer you inter alia also nickel-free  models. Of course there is also the Children's horn exclusively in F mood.
Music schools swear by chilldren horns of Dieter Otto.

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