MB Tunable Horn Mute "Marajoara"

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These are the same horn mutes with the identical quality and standard of MB mutes, but now with "Marajoara" design.

The Marajoara people lived in the North of Brazil ( Marajó Island - Amazonia) from 7000 years ago and have been extinct since 1350 AC.

Their designs and paintings in pottery remains until now by the craftsmen who live in Icoaraci, a small riverside village in Amazonia.

The "Marajoara pottery" is considered one of the most beautiful and decorated potteries in the world.

Marcus Bonna is proud of being born in this amazing place and to have lived a very happy childhood in Icoaraci.

The artwork on each mute is unique, as it is done by hand. Similarities of design are present, but no 2 mutes are exactly alike. 3 bands of

color are your only choice. Available in White, Red, or Blue.

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