The hand made trumpets and flugelhorns from Dieter Otto make an immediate impression
through the way the notes lock into place. They also allow you to play securely into the high
and extreme upper registers. Difficult leaps and large intervals are easy to negotiate and master.
These instruments are suitable for both amateurs and professionals alike and inspire genuine playing
pleasure for both groups.

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Bb-flugelhorn, Model 410

Product no.: 410

Bb-Flugelhorn with rotary valves

Bb-flugelhorn, Model 420

Product no.: 420

Bb-flugelhorn with piston valves

Bb-Trumpet, Model 310

Product no.: 310

Bb-trumpet with rotary valves

Bb-Trumpet, Model 330

Product no.: 330

Bb-trumpet with rotary valves 

Bb-Trumpet, Model 320

Product no.: 320

Bb-trumpet with piston valves

Bb-Trumpet, Model 340

Product no.: 340

Bb-Trumpet with piston valves

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