Model 205 Weimar-Berlin

Product no.: 205 W-B

Bb/F Doublehorn in brass

  • concept of horn development joint venture between Scott Bacon and Martin Ecker.
  • design inspired directly from an exceptional pre WWI C.F. Schmidt "Weimar-Berlin"
  • original bell mandrel was discovered, purchased, and is being used... the bell is not a "copy"
  • bell flare includes a copper plated steel wire, "soldered in" LIKE THEY USED TO DO IT....
  • Mouth Pipe from a successful original C.F. Schmidt pipe submitted to us through Lou Denaro (owned by Dick Martz) THANK YOU!
  • Mouth pipe slightly modified to preserve tonal structure but improve intonation.
  • all bracing is hand made from brass rod, annealed, further worked, fit to each horn individually
  • all slides are hand lapped brass inner and outer
  • Valve design and philosophy of this horn is inspired by Carl Geyer.
  • fully adjustable thumb pad with reversible mechanical Miniball linkage F/Bb or Bb/F
  • detachable bell
  • articulated string linkage for valves #1,#2,#3
  • easy to pivot and remove Bb and F 3rd valve crooks
  • 12mm bore
  • bell diameter 31cm
  • traditionally hand bent tapered parts and branches
  • changeable receiver/adapter easily changes between German or American mouthpiece shanks.
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